What’s in issue nine


Uh Oh… White Horses takes a risky expedition into 'concept issue' territory with:


…where over 100 humans scour 27 separate coastlines, in 18 countries, over four days, and see what they see.

An issue devoted to the magic of the midpoint: the equinox.

Did it work? Did anything remotely cosmic happen when the sun was directly over the equator and the earth's two hemispheres were, for the briefest of moments, perfectly balanced to the sun?

Well, yes and no. Lots of things happened in a nice kind of synchronicity. A surfer walked a tightrope 100 feet up from a chilly Canadian road cutting, while at the same moment, on the other side of the world, a White Horses photographer hovered in a chopper above Fiji's Cloudbreak… that kind of stuff.

Most of all people went surfing, had little adventures all over the place, and either photographed or wrote about 'em. Several fine contributors went to extraordinary lengths to create great material, which is all the more touching as Horsies' editorial budget is modest to say the least.

Personally, your editor isn't quite sure if this is one of the better issues of the Horse or if it didn't quite gel. But thanks to the epic efforts of all involved, there's still daylight between the horse and the other surf mags out there.

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