What? Fluoro on the cover?

Back in another age, even before the internets was invented, when monthly surfing magazines were the harbingers of progress and change, a war was waged in newsagents – who could have the brightest fluorescent presence on the stands!

At times it was advisable not to make direct eye contact with the surf section of the newsstand, for fear of damaging the retina.

Of course, things have changed, and surf magazines don't really 'do' fluoro anymore – It's too daggy for the cool titles to do – and let's face it, there are no uncool surf mags out there.

Except, that is, for the ol' Horse! We love us some fluoro! (Of course, if this issue sells poorly, you'll never see its like again.)

Anyway, ripping issue. Creativity, adventure and the ocean. It's all there!

I mean, here's the cover lines!

Beloved Boards with Bryce Young, Josh Dowling, George Greenough + Mick Mackie

Wave Pools, Night Surfing, Charles Darwin, Tiger Sharks, Sea Gypsies + Flying Boats

Photography by Ted Grambeau, Anthony Dodds Josh Tabone + John Florence

Nine fine artists, Sixteen surf writers + Does surfing really make you Happy?

Garn, buy the bastard.

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